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An established ketamine provider in the Boston area offering ketamine infusions in a state-of-the-art clinic for a range of neuropathic conditions and mood disorders.

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Our Mission

As Emergency Physicians, we frequently care for distressed patients battling inadequately controlled anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. We believe that true health lies in preventing crisis, and ketamine has proven effective where standard treatments fall short. At Emerge Ketamine, our mission is to deliver care that truly works for you. Our practice combines a compassionate, individualized approach with evidence-based medicine, giving you the tools you need to develop and nurture your wellness. We provide thoughtfully tailored ketamine infusions in our private infusion suite. Maintaining your mental health is a lifelong commitment, and we want to be on your team.

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“Ketamine administered intravenously has shown positive effects in patients within a few hours, relieving depressive symptoms and suicidal thoughts…”

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ketamine infusions boston

Meet Our Team

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Liam Mahoney


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Joseph Benedict


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Request a consultation with Emerge Ketamine and discover if you are a candidate for ketamine treatments.

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ketamine clinic woburn ma

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During your initial telemedicine evaluation, we will answer any questions you have about IV ketamine therapy, and assess how it can enhance your healing.

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