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Safe and effective treatments for mood disorders and chronic pain where it works for you—in our infusion suite, or in the comfort of your own home.

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ketamine infusions boston ma
home ketamine therapy boston ma
home ketamine therapy boston ma
ketamine infusions boston

What is Ketamine?

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I Was Paralyzed by Severe Depression. Then Came Ketamine

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“Ketamine has a robust and rapid effect on depression, which was seen immediately after the administration of ketamine and sustained at the end of 1 month.”

National Institute of Health

Ketamine is a molecular “re-set” button for pain, depression, and PTSD.
Gerald Grass, MD

Highly Effective

Up to 70% of patients experience relief—even those with treatment-resistant depression.

Safe & Non-addictive

Ketamine infusions have few and mild side effects, most of which wear off within 2-hours of an infusion.

Rapid Relief

Patients who respond to ketamine typically experience relief within 1-2 infusions.

Infusions That Are Convenient

Choose between our Woburn infusion suite or infusions at home in the Boston area.

ketamine infusions boston

About Emerge Ketamine

Emerge Ketamine is the partnership between two Board Certified Emergency Physicians who use ketamine in our daily practice. We understand the therapeutic power of ketamine and are committed to delivering infusions with the highest degree of safety, comfort and convenience.

When you’re suffering with depression or chronic pain, choosing a new therapy can be daunting. Clinics are often harsh and unwelcoming, and at-home treatments sacrifice the reliable response of IV infusions for less effective oral lozenges. Taking control of your health starts by taking control of your treatment plan! Our team works with you to provide ketamine infusions where you need them. Our in-office infusion suite was designed with your experience in mind, and our mobile treatment unit combines the robust efficacy of IV infusions with the safety and comfort of your own home.

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During a free telemedicine evaluation, we will answer any questions you have about IV ketamine therapy, and assess how it can enhance your healing.

ketamine infusions boston

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