As the new year approaches, many of us set resolutions for ourselves to make changes in our lives. But for those struggling with depression, that can be a difficult task. It can be hard to think about making life changes when you’re feeling overwhelmed, helpless, and low. That’s why it’s important to take small steps towards improving your mental health this year. Here are some tips anyone can use to take on 2023. 

Establish New Goals 

Start by setting new goals that are achievable—ones that won’t overwhelm you or cause too much stress. It could be anything from reading a chapter of a book every day or taking a walk four times a week, or even less. Remember to set goals that don’t end up putting too much strain on yourself. When you succeed at achieving your smaller goals, it gives you the confidence and motivation to keep going and do more! 

Prompt Yourself To Do Something Different Each Week 

Depression is an incredibly difficult condition to deal with but don’t despair—there are plenty of ways for anyone suffering from depression to make small changes this new year’s season that will help them beat their depression in 2023. Start by establishing achievable goals for yourself, looking into ketamine treatments if necessary, and prompting yourself each week (or even each day!) to do something different that will help build your confidence while improving your mental health overall! Taking small steps towards bettering yourself is key; before long you’ll find that you’re feeling more positive and motivated than ever before. 

It can be hard to get out of your comfort zone when dealing with depression, so why not start small? Try something different each week like journal prompts, cooking a meal – using one of the many meal kits out there with recipes included, or even visiting a museum just so you can get out of the house. Once you get used to doing these things once a week you can start building from there until you feel comfortable enough to try something new. Remember, you can try these one at a time, at your speed. 

Try Ketamine Treatments 

Ketamine treatments have been found to be successful in treating severe depression, especially when other forms of treatment have been unsuccessful or only partially effective. The benefits of ketamine therapy have been studied extensively since its introduction as a viable form of psychiatric treatment in the early 2000s. Many doctors and patients, alike, swear by its effectiveness in helping people cope with depression-related symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, and suicidal ideation. If you think ketamine treatments might be right for you, call Emerge Ketamine at 781-569-2112 today.  

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